Reno, Nevada area Hedgehog breeder.

Our hedgehog babies are African Pygmy Hedgehogs. For coloring, we have Salt-and-Peppers and Pintos (and occasionally an albino). We are a small family breeder in Reno, Nevada that follows all ethical breeding practices. Our hedgehogs are raised in a clean, healthy environment. With five kids at home, our baby hedgehogs are loved and played with as soon as they are old enough, so they are all very well-socialized and make great pets. People and even vets that handle our hedgehogs are amazed at how open, friendly, and curious they are. Hedgehogs make great pets and they are just about he cutest thing on the planet.

Hedgehogs are:

Each of our hedgehogs has a rich lineage. We purchased the parents from quality breeders in Colorado and Illinois to ensure they have long, healthy pedigrees from good, strong lines.

Hedgehog babies cost $225 each regardless of color or sex. Expect to pay another $80-100 for a cage, food, bedding, wheel, igloo, water bottle, and food dish. You can get all of these items at any large pet store.

Click here for a care sheet that will give you lots of good information to help you decide if a hedgehog pet is right for you, and to help you get ready to bring one home if you decide to add one to your family.

You can reserve a hedgehog by making a non-refundable $50 deposit (applied toward the final price) using the paypal form below. You do not need a paypal account, and can use any credit card (We never see your credit card info — that is the ease and beauty of paypal.) Choice is given in the order that deposits are received. You can also prepay the entire amount with the form below if you decide. After making a deposit or purchasing, we will contact you via email or phone to make arrangements for you to pick them up. Email for pictures and current availability or expected litters.

Hedgehogs are very fun little critters -- always guaranteed to get lots of love and attention!
Please note that hedgehogs are illegal in California and we cannot sell them to there (See here for official details).

If you have any other questions, please Email us. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not contact us directly without the help or permission of your parent or guardian. Thank you. 

Cinnamon and her six babies.

Their Dad, Sonic, loves to swim or even just float...

Baby hedgehog hogletTack as a Baby

Salt-and-Pepper Hoglet in a ball

salt and pepper
Pintos with half-mask faces
Happy Hedgie - Albino
Pintos playing
Pinto baby
Having babies at Easter was too much fun!

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Keep in mind that there is no difference in looks, temperament or personality between males and females.

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