Reno, Nevada area Hedgehog breeder. 775-333-5972. Email us for info on current or upcoming litters.

We are a small family breeder in Reno, Nevada that follows all ethical breeding practices. Our hedgehogs are raised in a clean, healthy environment. With five kids at home, our baby hedgehogs are loved and played with as soon as they are old enough, so they are all loved and well-socialized and make great pets.

Each of our hedgehogs have a rich lineage. We have traded with breeders from Las Vegas, Colorado, and Illinois to ensure they have long, healthy pedigrees from good, strong lines.

For colors we have salt-and-peppers, pintos, and the occasional albino.

Cinnamon and her six babies.


Their Dad, Sonic, loves to swim or even just float...


Tack as a baby hedgehog hoglet:

Tack as a Baby

Hoglet in a ball

Pinto baby


Happy Hedgie - Albino

Email us for info on current or upcoming litters.

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